A Very Crafty and Tricky Contrivance

28 September - 24 October 2012
Genesis Foundation 


The Genesis Foundation is delighted to present the first solo exhibition in the UK by London-based Spanish artist Greta Alfaro. The exhibition, curated by Flora Fairbairn, presents two video works and a series of photographs in the Fish and Coal Building, a semi-derelict Grade II listed Victorian site.


Central to the exhibition is a projection showing a video piece filmed by a rat in the building. Equipped with a specially created camera device attached to a harness, the rat captures through its lens a group of Edwardian office workers as they go about their daily business. A second corresponding installation shows footage recorded by the rat inside a miniature rodent-scale recreation of a similar office space. The exhibition reflects the artist’s acute interests in public versus private identity, and the contrast between aspects of the self we identify with as a society, versus the darker, more hidden side.


This exhibition is supported by King’s Cross. The Fish and Coal Offices, which were built in the 1850s and 1860s, provide a fitting backdrop to the artwork and an innovative temporary use of the building which will in due course be brought back into use once again, as offices and studios with restaurants on the ground floor as part of the King’s Cross development.