Alex Hernández Cuba, b. 1984

Alex Hernández is a conceptual artist. In his process of approximation to the object under study he collects and produces data, frames, sketches, and details but then shows all this information from a formal, neat, minimalist, synthesis. 


Alex has created houses of his home district and contrasted them to the houses of his relatives who emigrated to Miami.  He has compared: the complex engineering of ships or planes, icons of development and technological competition between superpowers; the sporting, energetic image that are strengths of Putin and Obama, each in their own way; the natural morphology of honeycombs and man-made architectonic structures; the statistics of complex local, Latin American and global phenomena, among others. All these as comments on the intricate processes of identity formation through the material and spiritual culture of different societies.


His practice has gradually become more interdisciplinary and recently he has committed himself to collaborative installation projects.