Mari Claudia García Cuba, b. 1989

Mari Claudia’s work focuses mainly on contemporary Cuban society. She does micro-research where she sometimes goes into the past, at times she refers to the immediate affairs of collective behaviour in order to understand society’s relationships  with power and the economic and political order. In this respect, she is also interested in the processes of construction, assimilation and transformation of communication, language and culture. Therefore, many of her proposals resort to the logic of the process. Objects, videos, photographs, drawings, collages and installations use physical or conceptual entities of daily life and popular culture as references (souvenirs, messages or texts found in the street, imitation jewellery, trash, magazines, books and other documents, certain stereotypes of success, art, consumption and identities. She “intervenes” on those objects radically, increasing their ethical and aesthetic value to then share them with people in an accessible and suggestive way, either from a conventional exhibition space or the original circulation channels of objects and opinions.