Odey Curbelo Cuban, b. 1976

"Apparitions. My grandmother used to be scared of them. As a child I didn’t understand why that was, but later I did. She was scared of forces she couldn’t control, or be prepared for - the serendipity of it. She was scared of the spectres, the anomalies, the shock of the unknown making itself present in her world. The unpredictable; the uncharted; chance and improvisation - these are the subjects I feel attracted to and that motivate me to make art. The 'unknown' is the richest territory for me to explore as an artist. Painting is the act of inviting apparitions into my realm. Using a variety of techniques and methods learned through years of training, painting is now my tool to open up other areas of my consciousness. While painting, I am invoking the unexpected to come, the thrill of the self-surprise, keeping me going from one to the next. It’s about trying to grasp images that are lurking in my subconscious. My work is a constant search for ways to make poetic visions manifest on surfaces. These poetic images come as abstract forms and are also the way in which the unknown is most generous. Paintings come into existence as bits of information driven from many sources that solidify in grotesque shapes or soft, atmospheric colour hazes but, at the end, they are my way  of meeting nature - both as a naivety and a wonder"

- Odey Curbelo Urquijo, 2020