Alejandro González Cuba, b. 1974

"I have a quasi-scientific drive for freezing the different stages of society: Its ornaments, traditions, ideology. Since 2005 I have been making a photographic record of life in Cuba in which I reflect on a reality that sometimes is confused with the official discourse. In some of my works I articulate the resistant past and its antagonism with the present. I show a sector of society somehow silenced by officialdom, its significance being only a number within a population census. In my last works I have returned to a more traditional mode, making use of the most employed genres found in art: portrait and landscape. I assume them as a unit. In them human presence is central because everything alludes to it. Even if away it emerges because of its most absolute absence. I use photography in its most primary character: Documentary. Photography unveils things I was not aware I knew, and this condition allows for re-thinking a moment. Although there is certainly conceptual nuance in any one of the works, my main intention is showing reality up-front, without sweeteners. Photography not only is useful for generating memories but also to provoke a kind of mythology: the photographic truth of the world such as it is now"